Here, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us directly at +62 (260) 471700-800 or Contact Us for any other questions.

We take reservations on our website. Please note reservations cannot be made through emails and phone calls.

Room rates will change depending on the season and number of guests. To check the rates, click on the BOOK NOW button and enter the date, room type and number of guests.

You can cancel or change your booking by signing in to your hotel booking account. We cannot accept cancellation and changes by phone and email, so please contact the hotel booking site directly for further inquiries.

Unfortunately we do not have king size beds. However you can reserve a double bed at the time of your booking. Double beds are available in the bungalow. For more details on room/bed size, please check the Rooms page on this website.

You can reserve a non-smoking room at the time of your booking. Please enter your details in the reservation form and request for a non-smoking room in the Special Request section.

Please click here for more information.

Unfortunately we do not offer local tours and guides for guest.

Unfortunately we do not offer car rental services.

Yes, you can pay by cash and credit card. Please note that we do not accept debit cards and there are no ATMs inside and near the property.

Breakfast reservations must be made by 20:00 the day before. Please ask a staff member by this time.

Yes. Overnight guests have access to free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Pool towels are available in your guestroom for use at the pools. Bath robes are available in your guestroom to wear to and from the pool area. Unfortunately, bathrobes are not available in children’s sizes.


ION mg/l Equiv.conc (mekv/l) Equiv share (%)
Ammonium 6,68 0,371 3,210
Lithium 0,04 0,006 0,050
Potassium 21,5 0,550 4,758
Sodium 28,0 1,222 10,572
Calsium 51,7 2,580 22,322
Magnesium 20,7 1,702 14,725
Stronsium 0,11 0,001 0,009
Iron 17,5 0,626 5,416
Manganesa 1,4 0,050 38,500
Aluminium 40 4,450 38,500
Zinc 0,005 0 0
Cadmium 0,0002 0 0
Copper 0,0025 0 0
Lead 0,05 0 0
TOTAL 187,687 11,558 99,994
Cl 290,8 8,202 52,392
F 6,46 0,340 2,171
I 0,03 0 0
Br 0 0 0
NO3 0,1 0,0016 0,010
SO4 336,5 7,010 44,778
H2PO4 4,9 0,102 0,651
H2CO3 0 0 0
TOTAL 638,9 15,655 100,002