Lesehan Patani

Located in the Sari Ater Camping Park Area, Lesehan Patani offers a beautiful atmosphere in a rural setting. plus a food menu that has the characteristics of Sundanese food.

Some of the menus served include:
Patani Package,
Patani Rantang Package,
Liwet Patani Package,
as well as several Sundanese menus which are guest favorites.

Our menu includes Karedok, Nasi Timbel, Nasi Oncom, Gurame, Soto Bandung, Oxtail Soup, and our signature dessert dish, coconut drink. simple and fresh taste, savory salty, spicy spicy, mild sweet, fresh sour for those who crave Sundanese food. Buffets can be provided upon request for your private events, such as family gatherings, reunions, birthday parties and more.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch, offering a variety of food to keep everyone happy with traditional and lesehan style food.